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Photography Workshops by Christian Cardona

Before photography, Erika & Lanny were both professional educators. Their roots and their passion is in coaching & inspiring growth & development.

With unfiltered access to Erika & Lanny’s perspectives on photography, weddings, business & life; this workshop delves deep beyond the surface of shooting & weddings, into the elusive places where art & creativity is born.

This is a no-holds-barred, full-immersion, 3-day experience for wedding photographers aspiring to push their craft to another level.

This workshop explores the far reaches of:

“Seeing” – transforming the way you see the world & re-awakening your imagination

High-performance – mastering your ability to perform to potential

Natural light – seeing & exploiting it in ways you never imagined

Manufactured light – demystifying off-camera flash & re-imagining the way you create & shape light

Composition – breaking all the “rules” & freeing your mind about photography being “correct”

Moments – documenting reality to capture them authentically with compelling light & composition.

Shitty locations – turning the mundane into the insane

Workflow – examining Two Mann’s entire process, start to finish

Post-production wizardry – maximizing the impact of your imagery

Critique – growing through honest, introspective critique in a safe place

And everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about Erika & Lanny’s photography & life. This workshop is essentially a big honest window into their world; one where they pour every bit of their heart & soul into transforming you into a more powerful human photographer.

Space is limited to 12 photographers in order ensure the best possible experience.

For the latest news and updates, join our group on Facebook: Two Mann Workshop News.

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